Thornbury Church of Christ

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We are a congregation that aims to be attentive to God and to the people in our neighbourhood, looking for opportunities to be of assistance or support and bringing the message of hope into the lives of people.  Our Sunday services have four different expressions throughout the month as we explore our changing environment and the needs of the community;

1st Sunday of the month

Singing (organ/piano accordion), community time/prayer and communion, followed by a sermon.

2nd Sunday of the month

Communion then morning tea followed by a DVD teaching and relaxed discussion & prayer.

3rd Sunday of the month

Worship (piano/DVD), communion and a talk on Christian living. (Opportunities to explore the arts in worship)

4th Sunday of the month

10.30am Bible Study 

12:30pm Roast Lunch (All Welcome)

5th Sunday of the month (same as the 1st)

Despite changes in the methods of operating, the message has remained the same throughout all our history; namely, we encourage people to relate to God the Father, through God the Son, in the power of God the Holy Spirit. Our mission statement is Seek, Grow and ConnectTo Seek God, to Connect with each other and the community and Grow together.  Click here for information about Churches of Christ Vic/Tas.
390-398 St Georges Road Thornbury VIC 3071