Thornbury Church of Christ

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Thornbury Church of Christ was established in 1921 when Thornbury was an outer area of Melbourne brimming with young families. The Church developed activities catering for the three-fold needs of people: spiritual, social, and physical. Because of these young families, our Sunday school peaked at 553 in the early 1930s. 

Over the succeeding years, the population of Thornbury has changed, and the activities of the Church have changed to meet the different community needs. We are a congregation that aims to be attentive to God and to the people in our neighbourhood, looking for opportunities to be of assistance or support and bringing the message of hope into the lives of people.  Our Sunday service is a mixture of contemporary and traditional forms of worship.  Despite changes in the methods of operating, the message has remained the same throughout all our history; namely, we encourage people to relate to God the Father, through God the Son, in the power of God the Holy Spirit. 

Our mission statement is Seek, Grow and ConnectTo Seek God, to Connect with each other and the community and Grow together.  Click here for information about Churches of Christ Vic/Tas.

390-398 St Georges Road Thornbury VIC 3071